Decided to jump and make my own side tumblr for my blog.

It should be up soon.

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Art Made From A Pile Of Junk - Video

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he would have been proud of you.

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set of nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo. i don’t think i have enough space on my tumblr for all his works that i’d like to post.

these are incredible

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In this city all men are not created equal. For centuries my countrymen have suffered under the oppression of ignorant and decadent aristocracy. The common people cry out for food, for liberty, for justice. But they shall have no justice without someone who fights in theri name.

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Imagine this:
Wendy Darling becomes a pilot as soon as she comes of age,
because she was always going to find a way to fly,
and night after night sitting by the windowsill never got her anywhere
other than the ground.
When told of her curse, Sleeping Beauty goes in search of a spindle.

Imagine this:
Instead of mounting the land with her feet full of needles, Ariel watches as her lover slides into the ocean with his legs blurring into scales.
One night, Belle finds herself growing a set of fangs and a coat of shaggy fur to match her Beast’s, and finds that she prefers jagged claws to blunt fingernails.

Imagine this:
Susan Pevensie is not shunted from her kingdom
because she learned to use the only weapons she had at hand,
forfeiting her bow and arrow for red-lined lips and slick nylons.
After her feathers bloom like they do every night, Odette goes to find the sorcerer
and plunges her beak into each of his eyes.

Imagine this:
True love’s kiss is sitting quietly in the middle of their priorities.
If they find themselves locked in a castle, they break down the walls.
Give me princesses in tattered chainmail or ripped dresses
or both
or neither.
Give me princesses who ride around, slaying dragons
or mounting them and claiming the sky.

Imagine this:
When they are placed up in a tower and told to wait for their hero,
our princesses take their fate by the guts
slide their thighs around the neck of their thrashing dragon
and take to the stars.

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My variant of: (X)

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Azuma Makoto sends flowers to space in his latest installation piece, Exobiotanica.

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